Hey Everyone… you might be coming to this page wondering “What is Executive Coaching, and how can Executive Coaching help me?” First I want to say thank-you for coming by. You are on the start of a journey that will be awesome for you personally and professionally. It is an amazing journey that is designed for you, and you alone.

Executive coaching for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we get so caught up in the everyday “stuff” that we can start to lose sight of the big picture. When we start our own business our goal is often to grow the business and then exit at a good time for everyone! What happens for the majority of us though, is we get caught up in the daily grind and start losing focus. Losing focus manifests itself in many different ways. Every entrepreneur is unique in their strengths and weaknesses. Our Executive Coaching approach is to treat this side of our business very open minded, with full confidentiality, and respect that is expected and deserved. Our coaching relationship will be built on total honesty, and trust of each others emotions and feelings, with the focus on creating strategies specific to you as an Entrepreneur, that will not only enhance your personal life but also your business life.

Areas that are available for Executive Coaching with the Lead. Win. Thrive. team.

  1. Executive Coaching for: Health – We only have one body! It is our source of strength, life, and vitality as Entrepreneurs. If we don’t take of our bodies, how can we expect to succeed over the long haul. We tend to ignore our health first thing, stress-eating, or just being too busy to take time to eat the right foods in the right quantity, etc. These things all take a toll on our bodies, and if ignored long enough they have a direct impact on our lives and businesses.
  2. Executive Coaching for: Mindset– Some of these areas include our self-worth, self-investment, disciplines, and our openness to new things/change etc. We all hear the cliché comments people make about being committed to success. When I was a sole business owner, I would hear these things and about go crazy, I was sick of people telling me all these things, but no one showing me how to actually put them into action. A lot of what we fight is mindset, and sometimes what it takes is an objective perspective of of an Executive Coach walking with you (coaching you) vested in your success to help you change those negative mindsets. Because as much as I hated it, a lot of the things I was being told were true, but I needed help in figuring out where and how to apply the advice.
  3. Executive Coaching for: Time Boundaries – Most entrepreneurs have an inherent desire to hustle 24/7. Entrepreneurs are a proud bunch that work 18 hours a day, but frankly we can tell you by experience that it will only last for so long till burn-out occurs. We will help you setting proper time boundaries, to help you reclaim time freedom for you and your family. You will not believe how much of an impact this will have on your life.
  4. Taking Action/ Motivation – All the knowlege in the world is worthless if it doesn’t become action. Sometimes we deal with discouragement with our personal and business lives, and our motivation can be seriously lacking. This can only add to the feelings and emotions of complacency. We can help you create ways to bring back the hidden motivation that lies in all of us. And create clear paths of action that will propel you onward to success. We will work with you personally to create these actionable plans, nothing is ever “cookie-cutter”.
  5. Relationships– A strong business starts with a strong base: strong relationships, and emotional fulfillment.  We will work with you to be the man/woman you need to be, to show up, be present, and be the leader you were born to be. Putting work before relationships creates a vicious cycle of executives that don’t show up in their relationships.
  6. Self-Defeating Behaviors/ Addictions – This is the most raw aspect of coaching. This is where it gets real!!  Funny thing is, this area can be the most critical to our success as business owners. If we are truly honest with ourselves, entrepreneurs are especially susceptible to many destructive behaviors and addictions. It can be the stress of the the business environment, or even in the moments of celebrating wins in our lives. At these times we let our guards down, and can succumb to things that mentally and emotionally will slowly sap us of our confidence and vitality. For some its drugs, for some porn/strip clubs, for others its affairs, and for others, it is no-less damaging habits, of not being disciplined in eating, alcohol etc. All things that aren’t controlled in our lives will have negative affects on us and our business success. We understand the sensitive nature of these things, and always assure that all these types of conversations are held in full confidentiality, with the end-goal only being to help you help yourself, to become the person you want to achieve.
  7. Accountability/ Responsibility – We will help you identify areas to “man” up in your life. We can only move ahead effectively when we take full responsibility in the failures in our personal lives. With your help we can help achieve success in setting up proper accountability and help you become the leader you desire in your heart. This also means owning the wins as well! Onward!
  8. Personal Financial management– Last but not least for sure! Setting personal financial goals and boundaries, help you maintain discipline and balance. There is no question when these boundaries are set up and followed in your personal life, it will positively impact your business culture and atmosphere creating a more stable environment for you personally and professionally.

So the take away is this…. none of the things above are effective or do any good in our lives, if we aren’t ready to commit mentally, financially, and emotionally to the work and betterment of ourselves. It isn’t the easy road, but I can guarantee you it is the most fulfilling path you will ever take. It takes hard work, it takes learning from our weaknesses as well as celebrating our strengths to find lasting success. Your life will only be as good as your commitment to the betterment of the same.

Here at Lead.Win.Thrive., we don’t go only part of the way, we give you well-rounded executive coaching and proven consulting. We give you our blood, sweat, and tears. We will fight the battle beside you, we’ll take the names, and kick the butts that need to be kicked to take you to the next level! ( Clarify!! Your proverbial butt will get kicked… it’s part of the program 🙂 But we all need it. Even me.

Start your Journey with us!

Jay Petre





Disclaimer* We aren’t certified counselors or psychiatrists and don’t work in the medical field. If you have uncontrollable behaviors, or behaviors negatively impacting your health, please seek medical attention. What we can do is help you identify and learn to communicate effectively to drop the things from your life that drag you down.