David Byler “BID”
Production and Manufacturing Guru

Efficiency Expert, and Number Cruncher

Single…. (Hey Ladies!) , Overall Awesome guy!

Motorcycle lover, and Avid Snowboarder

Dave has been in manufacturing for over 13 years. Started in a family business when He was 15. After a few years I Moved on to another business where he was able to help it grow as the production manager for 7 years. During that time company sales went from about $750k a year to almost $12 million a year. He has years of experience and has become very proficient at knowing how machinery operates good at fixing and tweaking them so they run better and efficiently.

He is the big picture guy and is adept at looking ahead so things can be facilitated in production schedules to run smoothly. As a production manager in his previous company he had 60+ people under his direction.

His leadership skills and know how,  as a team leader, is so effective in giveing direction for gaining employee efficiency.The financial skills shine in costing and production analysis.

In all seriousness, this man can save you money!!!!